How To Set an Alarm on Windows 10

Do you want to set the alarm? If so, your smartphone may not be the best way. In fact, if you’re working on a computer and need one for your schedule or work needs – there is no better option than setting it right in Windows 10’s Alarms & Clock app. Do you want to know how to set an alarm on windows 10? Let’s take a look below:

Setting Up Alarm in Windows 10

Follow this easy procedure below to set the alarm in Windows 10.

  • In Windows 10 search bar, type “Alarm” to search for the “Alarms & Clock” app. Open the app.
  • In Windows 10, you can set the alarm to go off at a specific time using the Clock app. To do this: 
  • Open up the Alarms tab in your clock and click on “Add new.” Give it a name like Study Time or Nap-time if necessary. Set what hour, minute, and AM/PM (you can use 24hr). Below that is where you’ll choose when and how often they should repeat (daily or every weekday, for example), as well as which sound effect will play upon waking up from their snooze timer after seven minutes have elapsed. You’re also able to select whether any alarms are enabled by default—a handy option for those who want silence during sleeping hours!

You can also set snooze time on the setting screen. When you are completely satisfied with the customization, click the save icon to save your desired alarm. Anyhow, if you have changed your mind, you can click the delete icon to trash this alarm.

How to Set Timer in Windows 10

The Windows “Alarms & Clock” app has a timer to set with just one click. Navigate to the Timer page, and input whatever name or time settings you want; then play it like any other alarm. With this easy-to-use feature, there’s no need to wait for an old-timer to finish before setting another!

How to Set Stopwatch in Windows 10

Microsoft has made Windows 10 a multi-device operating system by adding an exciting new stopwatch feature. To set your timer, click the play button on the bottom right of any screen in this application. With Windows 10, you can also record laps at any time during your workout with one simple click to add more time or create a lasting memory for tracking progress over time!

Note: You will see notifications regarding the “Alarms & Clock” app in the notification area of your taskbar. If you want to use this often, quickly pin it for easy access on your desktop.

TIP: The Restore Repair Tool can fix corrupt and missing files, but it is not a permanent solution. If the issue continues after using this tool, you should contact us again to provide further assistance or an alternative resolution to your problem.  


Can you set the alarm on your computer to wake you up?

How Can You Set an Alarm on a Computer? It depends on your operating system. In some, you might find the functionality in the clock application where you can also set a timer or start a stopwatch. The only global solution to setting the alarm is using an online alarm clock, after all! 

Can you set the alarm on your laptop?

I set my alarm by downloading a free program called Free Alarm Clock for Windows. Just Google “Alarm Clock” if you’re on macOS and want to find the software equivalent, but beware that there are tutorials out there showing how to do it without needing sleep mode! 

How do I set the alarm every 20 minutes on Windows 10?

Using Alarms & Clock App 

You can use the “+” button to set your alarm on or off as needed. If you want to edit it, just click and drag in its vicinity, where an editor screen will open up with time presets for AM/PM and 24-hour formats based on how you prefer. 

Where is an alarm clock in Windows 10?

Click on the icon with a large magnifying glass. Type in ‘alarms’ and click enter to be taken directly to Windows 10’s built-in alarm app, where you can set up your own alarms or use one of their default ones!

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